Friday, September 30, 2016

What Can A Website Do for Your Association?

Simple answer: A lot!

A website helps residents feel like they’re a part of the Association by keeping them informed of meetings, projects, etc.

When residents don’t hear about their Board’s progress, it makes it easier for them to complain! A regularly updated website gives residents no excuse not to know what’s happening and how the Board is working to make things better. It can also help residents understand the purpose and benefits of enforcing the rules, keeping their homes in good condition and voting on issues. 

A website is also a great place to store things like meeting minutes and condo docs. Being able to pull up these documents quickly is a great tool to have at meetings and to save research time … if someone has a question, refer them to the website, where they can find the information right away.

Some other things that you might consider adding are an events calendar, a link to online work order submission and a list of units for sale. The great thing about a website is that it can start small and grow along with your Association!

If your Association is ready to create their website, Premier can help! Give us a call at (860) 523-0157 today. 

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